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Pizza King LTD is located in Harbor Center, Suva which is considered the heart of the largest city in Fiji. Founded in 1986, it is one of the very few restaurants that has operated and flourished for over 25 years.

Started as just a small pizza shop, Pizza King has grown into Fiji's largest restaurant franchise with over 6 major locations across the island. As a locally owned franchise, Pizza King has surpassed major food chains such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC making it undoubtedly the number one restaurant in its category. Known for its chickens "Secret" spice and the original taste of its pizza, Wishbone and Pizza King has earned its place as a true leader in Fiji's ever growing economy.


One Saturday morning, from out of nowhere, came an old Chinese gentleman into our restaurant. He ordered a meal, sat down in a corner and had a quiet meal by himself.  And then just before he left our restaurant, he fished out a ragged piece of paper from his shirt pocket and requested to see our duty manager. He then proceeded to tell our manager about his own amazing chicken recipe, which he said was better than any chicken recipe he’d ever tasted, and older than any chicken recipe in the world. He then insisted we try it out one day. In fact his parting words were “It is my wish that you try my own chicken recipe one day and after you’ve tried it and if you like the taste, please memorize the spices and herbs, then destroy this piece of paper. This recipe must never be given to anybody else”. He never gave us his name or his address. The only thing that our manager remembers quite vividly in his mind is a beautifully hand-carved ivory Wishbone hanging from a thin gold chain around his neck. To this day we have never heard or seen this mysterious old Chinese gentleman again. His recipe has been tried and tested in our research kitchen over and over again and true to his words, it certainly makes our chicken “So Tasty”. So in memory and a tribute to this kind old Chinese gentleman who gave us his gift of a recipe, we decided to call our restaurant –Wishbone--.. Family Restaurant, were the chicken we cook is so tasty.  To this kind old Chinese gentleman, whoever you are, wherever you are, we’d like to say thank you for your generous gift which is being enjoyed by all of our customers.